Instantly Improve Your Food Photography

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Improve Your Food Photography Almost Instantly is a hands-on guide to show you how to take your food photography to the next level with immediately actionable steps. With over 100 pages packed full of practical information, it's the food photography book you need to help you upgrade your shots and help your blog reach more people and make more money! We all want that, right? And your food deserves it!

Want to know what’s inside Improve Your Food Photography Almost Instantly? Got you covered. It’s a full-blown food photography course in an easy-reading book; no need to plug in those headphones and watch hundreds of videos. Nope! Just dive in when you can from your phone, tablet, or computer. These are all the chapters in the 105-page food photography guide.

- Food Photography Resources

- Natural Lighting

- Diffusing Your Light

- Backdrops

- Props

- Preparing Your Set

- Shooting in RAW

- Shooting in Manual Mode

- Avoiding On-Camera Flash

- Composition

- Image Orientation

- Using a Tripod

- Camera Angles

- Manipulating Light

- Finding Your Personality

- Live Monitoring

- Food Styling Tips

- Artificial Light

- Post Processing

In other words, that’s everything you need to know to take your food photos from eh to OMG. Your recipes are delicious: now show the world.

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Instantly Improve Your Food Photography

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